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Strive to build products that provide utility to the end user.
-- Susmit ( CTO, Co-Founder - Huddle01 )

What is Huddle01?

Huddle01 is a web3 video meeting platform built for web3 communities, DAOs, buidlers and web3 enthusiasts. We aim to bring the world closer via seamless video calling from anywhere in the world and serve people with newer ways to express their thoughts and feelings without any concerns.


Huddle01 provides web3-rich features such as:

  • Token-gated meetings
  • NFTs as profile pictures
  • Decentralised storage for meeting recordings (on IPFS and Filecoin)
  • Decentralised live streaming (on Livepeer), and much more!

Get started with Huddle01

To start a new meeting, navigate to the Huddle01 app. Users can choose to start or join a meeting as a guest, without connecting to your wallet, or choose to connect to a wallet such as Metamask or Coinbase.

Navigate to Huddle01 Dashboard to schedule new meetings and to create token-gated meetings. Users can access details of their meetings hosted and retrieve their meeting recordings from the dashboard.

Check out Huddle01 Website for more details on the Huddle01 team!

Last updated on December 21, 2022